Friday, November 9, 2007


Yes, isn't that such a catchy title? Well, that is what I feel like right about now; 1:27 am in the morning here in Virginia. Can you tell I cannot sleep? I need to get up early so that my daughter can get to school early tomorrow for some "before" school work. Will I make the 7am wake-up call when I can't even get to sleep before midnight? We will see!

Now, I know some are probably asking; "Well, why can't you sleep?" To be honest I have no freaking idea. Unless you count the herniated disc in my lower back that has been bothering me today, or the tendonitis/bursitis I have in my shoulder, or how about the fact I can't stop thinking.

I know, I know; me...think? At least that is what my husband is always saying. "I didn't know you could think honey." Ha, ha, isn't he funny? That is okay, when he calls me sometimes I answer the phone; "What's up ugly?". He just laughs. Aren't we just so nice to each other? I figure after 13 years of marriage and being together a total of 15 years; if you can't have fun and tease each other then you are boring, really boring.

So I will be going back to surfing the web and trying to make myself tired. I am currently looking up some information so that I can take on a project I have been meaning to finish: Re-upholstering a 100 yr old chair. This has been an on going project; but I will not tell you; yet; how long it has been on going. You will just have to day...I will confess!

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