Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Lights

Two of my daughter's decided that they wanted to get some of the Christmas lights put up outside. I love the fact they want to assist in decorating our home; but sometimes they don't understand that they cannot always do it by themselves.

I have to give them a big fat 'A' for their effort; but I would have preferred if they let me help. I will probably go out tomorrow morning and try and fix some of what they did just so it looks a little more even. Am I a horrible mom because I want it to be "perfect"? Should I just leave it the way it is?

I can take it; let me have it!!! The picture below is the one my daughter took with a good deal of camera shake. She tried; I guess I just need to teach her how to do those types of pictures so they don't come out blurry. I love her for trying so hard!


Demon23... said...

awww... isn't that cute. Yeah my boy tries to take pics and it is amusing, and he loves to help with that kinda Jazz.

Last night he was playing a racing game. I railed my car into the side rail on purpose, he one. I planned it in advance that me and my friends (my brother, and my other two friends) gave him a standing ovation, he felt like the coolest dude... like one of the greats. He also got to listen to my brother his guitar inside his van that very same night. My brother being over 17 can rip on the Guitar acoustic or metal, does not matter.. he rigged it inside and the little dude got to listen... he would have sat there for ever if I had let him. hahaha.

Kids rock to the extreme. They cherish all that we usually give. They beam with pride when we give them appreciation and time. <--- I wished my parents did this for me.

Laura said...

Whats up Demon? 'Bout time you stopped by; u crazy fool!

Yeah, kids are great and so much fun! I know it can be difficult for adults to take these night shots; so I am just happy she was excited and enjoyed the work.

Sounds like you and the boy had great fun; what a wonderful DAD moment. Take care man!

L. Shepherd said...

I tagged you for a meme challenge, and I hope you will participate. The rules are here: