Saturday, March 31, 2007

Week in Review....

Is she? Isn't she? Well, probably not right now. I will probably not get a "charity" going anytime soon. My business is starting to BOOM; and I mean BOOM in a good way. :)

I was extremely busy this week and one of the sweetest people in the world ("A", who has been my advocate)has managed to get me another county to research. This is a big deal because it is a large county. More so in population than land size; it doesn't hurt that the capitol of my state is also within this county.

So my average of 10-15 names a day to research has now, for the moment turned into 20-25 names per day. Yesterday I researched 36 names. Woohoo!!! Since I am a IC (Independent Contractor)this is great. It shows not only am I worth the risk, but the client and "A" believe in me. They see that I have a fast turn around, I am accurate and committed. What more can you ask? Can you tell I am excited. This isn't just about money, this about establishing myself as a hard working business woman. I am definitely heading into the right direction.


On a different note; I have started writing for Hubpages. My first article is on why I have chosen to study Forensic Science. I am not particularly happy with the first article, but I am sure I will get better. I think I need to put more information relevant to that field of study. If you guys could please check it out and comment, vote...etc. That would be appreciated. Make sure comment what you really think; don't be all nicey, nicey just to make me feel good. I want real, honest opinions. Thanks! Here is a little exert....

"I am similar to many who just adore the "CSI" television shows. Some of my favorites include the original "CSI", "Crossing Jordan" and of course, who can forget "Law and Order". I knew though, from the get go these are hyped. These are TV shows; with a little bit of reality mixed in; but not the other way around. Because of my interest in "the sciences", in particular Biology and Chemistry; I felt this would be an excellent road to travel."


It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day and I hope to be able to experience some of that beauty. Have fun and be safe....


Shannon said...

It looks like you are well on your way. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will keep booming, in a good way ;)

To Your Success!
Shannon Q

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Demon23... said...

Hey. Is shannon a friend or one of them cult members from the motor pool club?

You should check on that article I say hey whats up pretty much and that is it. I did read it though. :D