Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So far....

I have not done a darn thing, except try and get more tutoring sessions, update the ads on my blog and forum post. I need too get up off my butt and work on my cleaning as I am going to Georgia this weekend.

I am still playing the waiting game on employment and clientèle. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that I hear something today.

Later in the day....

I have recently just finished tutoring a student online. Wow, I never realized how many poor kids don't get a good education. You have too really feel for them. Now, I don't know what exactly their situation is, but I am just glad I can help at least a little.

On a lighter note, I have received somewhat good news. I may have a IC job (also know as an Independent Contractor); I can't wait. A lady I met on the WAHM web site posted about a court research project/job. So we are currently emailing back and forth and I am hoping that it will all work out. I am so excited!! We will see! I will update further on this as I know. Later.... I need a break from the pc...well...from writing. I think I am going to go gaming (BF2142 or BF2) Do you like too game?