Monday, February 12, 2007

I am tired....

so tired right now. :) Not necessarily in a bad way, just tired. I am trying to find some work that I can do too bring in money into the household (help my husband out a bit) while I am also trying to start up a new business. It is so difficult trying to compete and get your name out there and get the "right" job. Of course I am limited as I would prefer to stay at home; but there are honestly tons of opportunities, it just seems I have come to them too late. So I keep plugging along and I am bound and determined not to give up. I want this work; me working at home. I just hope that my husband appreciates how much time and effort I am putting into this new venture.

If you would like to know a bit more about working at home, scams, or virtual assisting from home, check out these sites. They are awesome:

WAHM (work at home moms)

VANA (Virtual Assistant Networking Association)


Bittersweet Confusion said...

I really admire you for doing what you're doing. Starting your own business is hard and you seem to be disciplined and determined so I'm sure that will ead to your success... I myself am a worker bee for life. Not really disciplined enough to work from home... especially with my pillow taunting me the way it does... LOL I miss sleep!

Laura said...

It is hard sometimes; don't get me wrong. What I need to really do though is set a particular time period; just for work; like I would if I were "out" working. That is difficult though when you see the laundry and cleaning need too be done. I am sure I will get better at this, but thanks for the comment; much appreciated. :)