Monday, May 24, 2010

Funny Mondays

As part of Funny Mondays today I am using the odd, weird news to start our week off right! We all need something to laugh about and there is nothing better than some really idiotic news to help those laughs role.

Man Found Because of His Sneakers! 
A man running from the law in El Paso, TX was caught because they spotted his sneakers under a pile of teddy bears. Idiot alert!

Did You Know a Porche can be Damaged from a Handful of Dandelions? Well, it CAN'T
Apparently in southern Germany you can have children arrested.  A man, who's car was pelted with dandelions as he drove past two young boys hand delivered one of the eight year old's to the police.  Awww, his poor Porche.

Give me a break!

Odd Images
In an attempt to keep tourists from wearing bathing suits into public places, Barcelona has issued this sign.

Very interesting!  One can purchase from a vending machine gold ingots at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.  Come on and let's take a trip to see just how this vending machine works! 

Think NOT!

Can we just say GROSS? Apparently stuffing human hair into stockings (pantyhose) can help with the oil spill off Louisianan.  I am all for helping with the clean-up, but just the thought of huge hairballs (chuckle) being used is just plain WEIRD!

All news provided today was with the help of Yahoo News and by no means am I the original author.  All credit goes to those who rightfully deserve it!


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