Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday Freebies

Sorry this is late today. I had to take one of my daughters to the rheumatologist's (to find out my 16 year old has fibromyalgia) and I did a small Easter Egg hunt in my front yard with my nephews. That was fun!

Back to business:

On the right hand sidebar you will find some links to Freebies 4 Mom with some great deals. She has daily, and giveaways.

You need to also check out Mom Advice (The Motherload) for her Freebie Friday list!

I tell you these ladies do a great job getting all these deals for us!

Off topic for a minute!

I know that for websites and blogs I am supposed to keep you here as long as possible, but to be honest; I just want to show places to go and things to do that you may be interested in and if for some reason that means you only spend 2 minutes on my blog versus say 5 then so be it! Hopefully all of this helps and if you ever need me to search something out for you, I am willing and able to do so!

Have a wonderfully happy Easter and a blessed weekend!


Letherton said...

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