Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Torn Labrum and Bone Spurs

That was (refer to the title) the diagnosis in January when I finally saw an Orthopedist for  the shoulder pain I had been experiencing for the last year and a half.  Yes, I have been in pain for over a year.

Part of me knew there was something wrong with my shoulder, but in the back of my mind I was hoping all the working out and trying to strengthen my shoulder would help.  When in actualality it did more damage than good.  If there is ever a case when you should just stop and get further testing done, shoulder pain that isn't better within 6 months is definitely one.

Some back story:

Car, gravel driveway, flip flops and klutz.  Kind of get the picture now?  Am I surprised?  Nope, not in the least.  One summer day I was walking across the driveway as we were to head out on vacation, my driver side door was open on my car, my flip flop (the toe end) got stuck in my gravel driveway (with my feet still firmly planted in them).  I fell forward and to keep myself from doing a face plant I grabbed the door that was sitting open. 

As I went down my right arm took most of my weight and I landed partly on my knees, partly hanging from my arm and the door, with a slight twist.  I mean really, a twist.  As I went down I twisted towards my left arm. 

So instead of just going straight down, I did this sort of dance with the door and gravel.  Grab, twist, land....OUCH!  Really big OUCH!

But I guess since I was determined to have fun, I didn't pay attention to the pain in my shoulder.  Then, this past summer I fell in my bathroom.  Hit a wet spot, grabbed the door frame with the same (right) arm, but this time my arm ended up behind me and that was the thing that held me arm.

When all was said and done, this January the Orthopedist diagnosed with me a torn labrum (cartilage), I had surgery and now I am 7 weeks into a pretty long recovery.  Four - six months just for the labrum to heal where they had to anchor it to the socket.  FUN, FUN!

I will be giving further information over the next few days if you can handle it and don't become too bored.  I will have pictures and all!  Isn't that SOOOO exciting?