Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Blog Design

I am currently working on my Spring look for the blog. Hopefully by the weekend I will have it up and running. I have a tendency to make a few items then think, hmmm, na, I should change this, this and that. By the time I am done, I have totally changed what I just made.

So instead of taking a day or two to finish the new look, it can take a week or more; ugh, why do I have so many problems making up my mind? Decisions, decision!


Jenn said...

What are you going to plant in your pots? I'll definitely keep everyone posted on how our square foot garden goes. I'm excited to try it. Hopefully it works out good.
I like the variety in your blog!

Holly said...

It is so hard to decide on a new blog look...I just had a makeover. Ideas in our heads don't always match what looks good on the screen! Looking forward to the unveiling.
504 Main

Laura said...

Jenn, I may do a few different plants this year. Last year I had cherry tomatoes and one pot of Sungold tomatoes (they are tiny), cucumbers, some herbs. I really want more variety. I might even try some fruit...woohoo. ;)

Holly, so true on the new look. I like so many types of designs. That is why I am doing themed ones now. Spring, Summer...etc. That way even on Holidays I can make it interesting and experiment with new looks. Who knows, maybe one day I will find one that just STICKS. :)

Sachin said...