Thursday, September 4, 2008

What The Hell Now?

Is life not fun? Well, lately, if pain, numbness, tingling, tremors, spasms and such are part of my life, then I guess it is especially fun! Maybe I should explain a bit more...

About two years ago I went to my doctor with numbness and tingling in my face with additional symptoms of muscle type spasms or what some would call restless leg syndrome.

My doctor is pretty thorough and yet I can somehow still baffle him. I call myself his problem patient. He just laughs and says, "No, you are just getting old." Which of course I then chuckle because after all, I am only 38 to his 33 years. I may be older than him but he is not far behind.

As you can probably tell, doc and I have a pretty good rapport. Well, the last few months I have been experiencing the same symptoms; honestly, I have been feeling the same ones, new ones and some getting worse. After going in complaining of my neck, I started to mention the other symptoms again. We thought maybe some symptoms were coming from the neck/headache pain, yet the only thing found on the x-rays was some arthritis (bone spurs), but not severe, but still there.

He sent me to a neurologists who was a total bitch. Not only was she trying to push me out the door (it seemed) as soon as I got there, but she acted as though I had no business being there. I advised my regular doctor I was not pleased and how she did not do as thorough an exam as he has done; so now we are in diagnostic mode; again: We hope!

He ran a crap load of blood tests, yet again. He rechecked my calcium, potassium, hormones, thyroid and more. Can you believe it? Nothing, nada! OMG!!! I am screaming (inside) now! He actually seemed rather disappointed nothing showed up via the blood work and to be honest, so am I, because I want this mystery freaking solved, yesterday.

Well, two years ago with the first MRI of my brain, he was ruling out MS; which at the time he did; nothing showed. So now, two years later, we were back to an MRI. He has ruled out just about everything metabolic, mineral and abnormal that can go wrong with my body. What is left?

Apparently, with the second MRI we are hoping to find something that would account for the below list of symptoms:

Numbness/tingling of face (nose, lower cheeks and chin)--Feels like creepy crawlies, yuck!

Spasms--Restless leg everyday, all day and occasionally big, jerking type movements from whole body parts, like my shoulder and arm or my leg, even my head.

I look like a freaking puppet who's master likes to cause the puppets limbs to jump around randomly.

Tingling sensations down both arms to finger tips. NEW

Severe pain/tingling around lower skull/upper neck that radiates to the top of my head and involves at times ear and face pain--mainly on the right side. NEW

Tremors--When trying to hold an object steady, my hands shake/tremble. Does not seem to bother me when I actually pick up something, even though my arms feel weak. Same thing with my feet/legs. If I hold them out, my foot starts to shake/tremble and I get frequent Achilles tendon spasms on the bottom of my feet.

Problems with thinking! Of course, my husband and I have to laugh about this symptom every now and then. He jokes me about not having a brain to think with and so on. But, when I am having real issues, he knows not to joke. I literally cannot think and sometimes I not only loose my train of thought, but forget I am even talking.

My mother finally said something to me, so I know it is bad when my mom speaks up. Normally she is the one that just says, "Oh well, it is probably nothing." She has even informed me I seem more flighty than normal. *chuckle*

Speech--This one has totally thrown me for a loop. I will be in the middle of speaking and while I am thinking the word, it will not come out of my mouth. Not the, tip of your tongue type problem, a real, I cannot form the F--k-- word. Can you imagine how frustrating that is? I have even cried because when I finally got the word out, it came out jumbled/garbled.

At first some of these symptoms caused a right many laughs out of my husband, until he realized how frustrated and scared I would become. There were those times I tried to laugh it off because I did not want anyone to know how bad I was really feeling.

I go for an MRI with and without contrast tomorrow. So, either MS, brain tumor or God only knows what else.


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Tammy said...

I hope they are able to find out what is wrong soon and are able to help you. Take care, Tammy

Mayet said...

hi there! I hope that you will have the result soon!

have a great wkend!

Rosie : ) said...

Wow. I hope they find out what is happening to you.

Good luck!

~Billie~ said...

Wow! That has got to be extremely frustrating! I hope your able to find out... 'something'. Best of luck!

Laura said...

Sorry I haven't responded lately ladies, it has been crazy busy around here. See today's posts, you will understand.

Thanks for the well wishes and I will get by your blogs this week!