Friday, May 2, 2008

New Buzzagent Toy

5849.1.0 Those of you not familiar with Buzz Agent, go by their site and take a look.  Basically, Buzz Agent is about word of mouth advertising.  I go through spells were I spend time there and work on the whole "word of mouth" advertising.

Well, a week or so ago they sent me a new campaign notice.  I found it rather interesting, it was for a Harmony One Universal Remote made by Logitech.  Yes, Logitech doesn't just make headsets, computer mice or speakers; they also make other household electronics.  I learn something new everyday!

I know, I know!  You are saying, "So, it is a universal remote; who cares?"

Well, I can say I absolutely love it!  I have never had a universal remote that was truly universal:  until now!  The Harmony One remote not only works with all of my home entertainment electronics, but if you have the capabilities, it can be used to control your home computer (PC), your household lighting and other household appliances.  It does this through IR (Infrared) technology. 

The Harmony One is setup via your computer. You install some software from a disc, follow the on screen instructions and voila, you are all set to use this amazing new toy.  I call it a toy because most of us do find this type of item a necessity.  It also includes a really cool and bright lcd touch screen.  Yes, touch screen!  Cool huh?

The retail price of this universal remote (on the Logitech web site) is $249.99.  I know, crazy right?  Thankfully I got mine for free for being a buzz agent member and telling all of you about it.  But if you have the extra money and want to get rid of your other remotes, this one may just be worth the price.

I have four rebate coupons available if you are interested, first come first serve.  The first four to let me know they would like the rebate coupons, I will get your information from you so I can mail it ASAP.

15% off after mail in rebate along with 10% off if you use the special code BUZZ at checkout.  The rebate is valid 04/01/2008 to 07/31/2008.  Rebate requests must be post marked by 08/30/2008.




Saph said...

Awesome! I'm a member also but not that active so I didn't get invited to that campaign. What tier are you at?