Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cardiac Event Monitor

Yes, that headline will really going to get them coming to my blog won't it?  Well, really, that is what this post is all about; my son's new gadget.  While it may not be the fun and games of the PS2 or his Nintendo DS Lite, it is, nevertheless; a gadget. event

As you can see from the picture, the event monitor is about the size of a pager and has two leads (wires) that come from the side where it plugs into the device.  There is a red lead and a white lead (think of positive and negative) that attach where ever the doctor wants you to place them on the patient. 


This Gadget

... is used to monitor my son's heart rhythm for the next thirty days; yes 30 days.  If at any time he feels the pain he has been experiencing on occasion, he is to push the button that says push and the monitor makes a noise to let you know it is recording the event. 

Once the gadget has finished recording it beeps yet again (more of a telephone ring sound).  While this really isn't rocket science and very easy, even for my 9 year old son to handle; it is rather annoying.  You cannot get it wet (risk of shock of course) and you shouldn't do anything too strenuous.

heartrhythm The device can only record up to three events of which those then need to be transmitted via the telephone to the monitoring service, who forwards the information to the doctor.

In order for the monitoring service to get the information, you call an 800 number, let them know the specifics of the event, they tell you to start and you press the button on the gadget and it makes this high pitched shrieking noise through the phone.  The noise reminds me of that sound a fax machine produces. 

Can you imagine having to listen to that day in and day out everyday for a job?  The lady on the phone last night told me they do hear it all day.  Oh I feel for her, although she chose the job didn't she?

To back on point...sorry I digressed.  Once the gadget has transmitted it beeps to let you know it is finished, you speak with customer service person again and they let you know if it transmitted properly.

Then you hook everything back up and start again.  When all is said and done, hopefully the doctor will be able to tell me what the heck is going on with my little boy and why "his heart hurts"? 

His words not mine.