Friday, February 29, 2008

Get Paid To Blog

Advertisers pay bloggers to blog about their products and services also called blog advertising.   With Smorty  bloggers are able to bring in some extra money while doing what they do best; blog.

Many bloggers are familiar with PPP (Pay Per Post), but have you heard of Smorty?  If you haven't, take a look, sign up and starting blogging.

They do not base the acceptance of your blog solely on page rank as other paid blogging systems do; isn't that great?  Smorty takes your blog as a whole, grades it and gives the blog it's own rank.  I ran across this when searching for new ways to make some extra cash.  I am new to Smorty so the jury is still out, but so far so good!

Now you too can get paid for blogging!  I know it is nice to get paid for something I already do and since I can 'pick' my campaigns, I control how and when I blog for money.



loving my life said...

Hi My name Misi, Found you thru sutfing.
Im a newly single mom desperate for extra income, I noticed these sites you re: to but the links aren't working? If you have time and willigness, will you PLEASE e-mail me any info you have on making money thru blogging and work from home opportunites?
Thank you so much and God Bless you and yours..

Laura said...

I sure can! I am surprised they aren't working, but I will definitely check this out; thanks for telling me and stopping by!

Tammy said...

I work for Smorty, but I find there isn't many opps. PPP is the best for opps. I work for a few different companies and if you want the url of any of them shot me an email.

Laura said...

Thanks tammy, I will get with you later on this. :)