Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Shopping

As usual, hubby and I waited until the last minute to shop. Now, I realize we are not the only ones to do this; as a quick look at the traffic woes in our area show; but do people have to be such morons?

When did it become all right to be impatient? Who taught these idiots that its normal to not only pull out in front of someone who is currently traveling a meager 45 mph (in a 45 mile zone), doing 25 mph and expecting us 45 mphers to slam on our brakes and not cuss, wave hands and gesture with that oh so loving middle finger?

Now, vehicles and their so called drivers aren't the only issues we encounter as last minute shoppers.

The ever so wonderful 'I own this section of store floor' shopper. You know who I am speaking of; don't you? The people who just stand in the middle of an isle in the store while you are trying to either walk through or search for that ever so 'hot' gift. When you say 'excuse me'; they just look at you and they don't move. You are left wondering 'wtf'? You may also encounter that shopper who insists on running you over with their cart and never excusing themselves. I did forget to mention the driver who likes to speed through the parking lot and make your life the Frogger game.

As you can see I have my share of disappointing moments when it comes to last minute shopping. I really only have myself to blame though; so in the spirit of the holidays; I forgive all of those who have done me wrong during my shopping adventures. *snicker*

What has everyone been doing for the last week? Did you have any last minute shopping? Have you braved the insane asylums, I mean department stores?

I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas or if you celebrate another holiday; I wish you Happy Holidays!

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Demon23... said...

Shopping is horrid. I hate it. no matter what time a year it is. I also hate drivers... hmm let me think what else, do I hate?

*dons the Grinch costume* Well I got to ready for the kids.

Momma TaderDoodles said...

I actually went to Toys R Us the WEEK BEFORE Christmas to return a toy I had bought b/c my mom had purchased the same one... well when I asked the lady to help me find something that my daughter really really wanted she proceeded to lecture me about how "if I had NOT waited until the last minute I'd be able to find it..." ugh...the nerve...(btw, I bought the spiderman table and chairs somewhere else...)

Oh yeah! Tag your it!

Laura said...

I feel for you. I love how complete strangers think it is ok to give an opinion on your parenting/shopping/holiday 'whatever' lol. People need to learn to keep their mouths shut unless it is something hurting them.

Thanks and now that is two tags I have to do because I keep forgetting the first one I got...UGH.