Thursday, November 8, 2007

Not Again!

I really get tired of hearing about some celebrities and don't normally post about them; but this just takes the cake. What are they thinking? If this is "true"; meaning not just a rumor, then NBC (one of my favorite news shows) may just lose my respect. I don't know "Rosie" personally of course, but from interviews and seeing how she responds and spouts to people and the audiences she is normally in front of; I do not care for her at all. In my opinion she has no business being on TV. I don't dislike her because of her "views"; although quite strange. I just dislike the way she interacts with people. She has the personality of a bull on steroids. Here is the latest news on NBC and Rosie O'Donnell.

On a lighter note; I go to the doctor's office this morning because I am having shoulder (right one) pain. I have issues with tendonitis, normally either in my hands, elbows and I even get it in the knees; so I figured that is what is going on with my shoulder. I am not too far off base; as far as we know right at this point.

So what makes this funny; well my doctor of course. I have seen him so much in last few months because of a herniated lumbar disc that we have just become best pals *snicker* (yes, be being a smartass!). He walks in with that boyish grin of his.

Background on my doc: He is younger than me! Ugh..hehe. I am 37 and he is only 32-33 but looks younger. Freakle face, tall, lean, cute--but not like "drooling, heart leaping, rip shirt off with vibrator between legs HOT", just cute!

Doc: "Not you again?"

Me: "Of course, I am falling apart"

At the same time

Doc: "You are just falling apart, aren't you?"

Me: "Yep, besides I needed a reason to come visit you since my back is feeling a bit better after my epidural!"

We both laugh and I let him know that my husband had wanted me to tell him I am falling apart. What also makes this all least to the fact my husband and I have an ongoing joke between us that when I turn 40, he is going to trade me in on 2 twenties. Of course this type of statement is not new to the male species; but when you can joke and laugh with your Doc, even when you are in pain, it makes life just that much better. Then, when he has to manipulate your hurt joints and you want to scream, cry, whine...whatever, you just decide to buck it up, let him know it hurts and laugh again! That is how I deal with pain....I LAUGH!

Diagnosis: Best guess (doc and me) because the xrays look really good with no joint impingement, loss of space or breakage--Tendonitis and Bursitis! Woohoo! Well, not that I want a rotator cuff tear, but what is currently wrong isn't much better and you never know when it is going to get better. It doesn't help that it is my right shoulder which is difficult to rest; I am right handed after all!

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~Mommy~ said...

I completely agree with you on Rosie. She has no business being in the spotlight anymore. Her time is up.

I hope your shoulder is feeling better!! ((HUGS)) It's always nice when you have a good relationship with your doctor.