Monday, April 9, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I myself had a great Easter with my Mom, Step-Dad and kids. Unfortunately my husband had to work (as usual). He works every other weekend, so that leaves us much of the time on our own to enjoy family time.

My kids of course were up early; did you think they wouldn't get up early? We managed to get dressed, eat breakfast and start on our journey for the day by 8:30 a.m and we were at my Mom's house a little after 10 am. We relaxed a bit after the drive and ate some lunch; after which we went to church. Yes, we actually went to church. I think my mother was so happy we went to church with them. Now, church is about 3 hours long, so when we were done, we were just about STARVING. The kids were whining a bit about being hungry. My mother had prepared a wonderful dinner.

Fried Chicken
Baked Chicken
Homemade Mac/Cheese
Pickled Beets

Anyway, as you can see, we had a nice spread of food to eat from. Yummy, yummy! After our tummies were full, my brother and his girlfriend took my children out for a good walk and some play time; of which I was very thankful. I told him to make sure he tired them out real good!

We had good food, family fun, and laughing. What more could you ask for, for a wonderful day?


Some funny dialogue between me and my children:

Mom: "Come over here and give me a hug and kiss." (To my son Ian)

Ian: Runs over and pounces on mom then says, "Can I snuggle?"

Mom: "Of course Bud, come on up here on the couch."

Ian: Starts pushing mom's boobs around trying to get comfortable

Mom: "What are you doing boy?" "Those are my boobs; that hurts man."

Ian: "I am sorry mom."

Mom: "Why do you push on my boobs so much?" "Do you like them or something?"

Ian: "They are soft mommy; I like laying on them 'cause they are soft and mushy."

Mom: Cracks up laughing. "Ian, you can't do that; it doesn't look right."

Ian: "Why mommy?"

Well at this point, I can't really explain this so he can understand. Suffice it too say, I manage to get him to stop and hopefully not do this in public.


Slick said...

Ha....the kid is just practicing for the future. :)

The meal sounds wonderful and I'm glad ya'll had a good Easter!

Laura said...

Yea, I think he is going to be a breast man..LOL. He seems to love mine! :) I know he will grow out of it, but a tad embarrassing when done in public.

Yes, the meal was great and thanks. I hope your easter was good....stopping by your site to see if you reported yet. ;)

Demon23... said...

Hey Laura...

yeah boys are funny. We like breasts as soon as we get out of the womb, at first it is survival, then we never lose that feeling and they are all more important as we age.

I am glad your easter kicked ass. Enjoy all that jazz.

Demon23... said...

Update! Please with sugar on top.