Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Last 3 Days

Wow, I cannot believe I haven't written anything in 3 days. Well, almost 3 days! :) I have been a bit busy. As you know I saw the movie 300 this past Friday. Saturday was spent taking my daughters 13 and 10 to the hair salon. I also went to the hair salon and received a wonderful "hairdo". How do we look? Oh did I mention we got make-overs too boot?!!!

Don't we just look oh so lovely?

As I was saying; we went to the hair salon, then we went to Panera's. Do you all know what Panera's is? OMG, if you don't, the things you are missing in life. Shame on you!! Wonderful bread, sandwiches and desserts. Let's not forget the Jone's Sodas that my kids absolutely love!

After that, we went to Old Navy! Yea, Old Navy! My girls and I had a blast. I don't really like to shop all that much. I am the kind of shopper that goes in with an agenda. I get what I need and get out. I do this for a couple of reasons. One being that I cannot stand being around all those people and their rudeness. Another reason is I know that I will spend more money if I stay and just browse. Go in, get what I need and get out. Of course, it never fails; when I take the girls with me I end up spending more than I anticipated. But hey, my excuse...."They need these clothes so, oh well". Once I spent all of my money we finally went home. I spent some time on my pc and went too bed. Real exciting huh?

Sunday, oh what can I say about Sunday. I was supposed to go to church. Well, I am supposed to that every Sunday. I woke up feeling crappy. Well, Peevish Mommy Syndrome--can you guess what that stands for? PMS for those that are a little on the "slow" side. LOL Anyway, I was feeling rather moody and didn't feel like doing anything, nada, nothing. Not too mention I retain water like crazy and want to chop my feat off by the end of the day. Can we say "elephant feet"? Maybe they are more like the Marshmallow Man off the Ghostbuster's movie!

So far I haven't started acting like Gollum

off Lord of the Rings! Please, please lock me up if that ever happens. ;)


Demon23... said...

I have not been to church since I was 13, I stopped going after the priest said I was not cute enough.

I think that joke was in poor taste, but it is funny. Hope you agree and are not like "demon how could you?"

The whole shopping thing is not my dig and or style, most of my clothing I buy at thrift stores and or good wills. I do not believe in paying 60 dollars for a pair of jeans (that only cost 3 dollars to make)... the modern market can eat my (insert very bad word here)____

When I have PMS... I usually get all emotional and doubt my beauty... so I pole dance. Did I mention no coffee, no smokes... I think I need some.

Now that I caused you several disorders, I hope you have a nice day.

Laura said...

Shame, shame, shame...LOL. Na, church isn't for everyone and it isn't for me all the time. ;) Even if in poor taste, it was funny. Well, now, as an outsider looking in.

I do like to shop at thrift stores, especially for the kids, as they grow out of clothes so quickly...I just forget and go the easiest place. I do like to shop with the sales though. My 10 year old managed to pick up a pair of pants that were only 9.99. Not bad eh?

Pole dance? Well, you need to make a video of that one. I think I would even pay too see that. ROFLMFAO. aH, Who needs...coffee, smokes...etc. Oh that is right; YOU Demon, you. hehe

Caused me disorders? Na, I was already there; they just haven't all come out yet. Still waiting for you marry me....ummm....na...JK, JK. I am already married after all. LOL Don't want your girl getting the wrong idea....just a joke. :)

kittenpower said...

I love, love, love a good Old Navy shopping trip. You can clean up there with the sales!

And yes, I think D23 should do a pole dancing video also. That would be quality.

Laura said...

You are just too funny Kitten!

I like her nickname for you too....well, it does make it easier to type...D23. :)

Shannon said...

Love the new hairdos and make overs! All dressed up with no place to go! LMAO!


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Demon23... said...

I could never cover the cost of the endless amount of mental therapy after you guys watched me pole dance.

Laura - I don't know if I am too young for ya, but could you keep up is the question?

I am bad, evil and or lack pc behavior... My lady says I am a flirt.

kittenpower said...

D23, you are a social butterfly. That's all!

Yes Laura, I like D23 for a name too! It reminds me of a robot from Star Wars or something...

Demon23... said...

Never been called a butterfly, even if it is social. I can roll with it though.

Laura said...

Too young for me? Hell no!!! LOL Honey, you couldn't keep up with this momma. Well, as long as you have a slow wheelchair...jk. Hey, I married a younger man, he is all of 6 months younger...I robbed the craddle...hehe.

You are a "social butterfly". No matter how "demonlike" you try to become...you will always be our D23. ;)

Ok, ok...don't hurt me. I know that was a bit mushy. Hey D23, bend over and take it like a man! ;)

Demon23... said...

:p oh my... I get the feeling that I might be a piece of meat. Not very good meat. probably the meat that was put on 1.10 a lb just to sell, but meat none the less.

I can't think of anything to write about on my blog. grrr.

Laura why don't you have a photo?

I am going to bug kitten about the same thing.