Sunday, March 11, 2007


I named this post as such because I know more than once it is going to go off topic or stray away from what I was saying and start to not make sense. Since it has been a few days since my last post I think I will just start with this past Friday the 9th.

Friday started off pretty normal, with the exception that I knew my work was going to be a bit more tedious. I was advised to pay particular attention as it seemed the client was "testing" me to make sure the research I was handing in was 100%. No problem I thought, I make sure I cover all my bases in case there ever is a question. So that means, if I have a case I am looking up and even have an inkling that someone I see on the listed cases could be that person, but with a slightly different DOB(date of birth) or name, I double and triple check with the clerk of courts to verify if this is indeed the same individual. Nothing like having someone looking at your personal life and attributing, lets say an assault to you and you have never even been arrested for assault.

Ok, so normally I get about 3-4 pages of cases. It comes out to approximately 10 people per day. Sometimes one or two more, but rarely more. Friday was definitely the exception. I swear they saved cases up just until Friday so I would have more work; knowing I need to get it out so there are no cases left over for Monday. The clients like it when you get all the cases in by the end of the week. They don't like to wait. They are a business, so who can really blame them. Well, I ended up , after all was said and done with names and listed cases = 15 pages. Yes, 15 freaking pages. I did manage to get it done and get it done accurately with the help of some very friendly clerks. The clerks at the court houses I go too are amazing. They truly are very helpful and rarely are too busy too help me.

On a positive note; I do get paid more for all that work; so in essence it was definitely worth the trouble. Hey, it is part of the job and I like the job, so I really can't complain. Even though I whine a tad sometimes. ;)


I just realized, I didn't ramble too bad if at all. Wow, I am amazing!!!! Ok, ok, a bit overboard, but you get the point. This weekend is going pretty well. I got up at 7am Saturday, yes 7am. That is my normal time during the week so I guess my internal clock is working well.

I managed to get some house work accomplish and even play a bit on the new Battlefield 2142 booster pack called Northern Strike. You really should check it out. Quite amazing but since I haven't become accustomed to it quite yet, I am still a bit noobish. I will discuss more about this later.


'Tis Sunday, I promised pancakes this morning, so I guess I better go make them. Oh and my girls (10 and 13) are going to help make them. They are actually starting them. I figured I would take some pictures of our pancakes so you can see the "wonderful" job they do. ;) See ya in a bit!!!

Ok, here are the photos from breakfast. The first (top)are the pancakes my daughters made and the second, well, of course mommy made some too! :)

Can we say yummy, yummy?


Demon23... said...

it is fine to whine a little about things that frustrate you.

I whine when I can't find the remote, pushing the button the tv would be to easy... I need to find the remote. Yep that is me. I think your higher on the flag pole for validation for said whining. :D

Athomemom25 said...

Awe, so sweet, thanks Demon. Now, if you only knew, whewh, THANK GOD you don't....LOL. ;)