Thursday, March 15, 2007

Parents and Privacy...what gives?

So after viewing numerous blogs on blogmad I decided to write a bit on being a parent and the privacy we give up in becoming a parent.

Okay, so we know that when we get married, some instances of privacy go right out the door. Whoever said that being a parent meant that you can't go to the toilet without so much as free "wiping space"? Those that are parents know what I mean...right?

Think for a minute. You NEED to use the toilet, you attempt to close the door; what happens instead? Yes, you guessed it, "Mommy, Mommy!"

Me: Now, I am yelling; "What? I am on the toilet, can't I get some peace?"

Child: "But Mommy, I need to tell you something."

Me: "Can't I get just a moment, come on. After all, do I come into the bathroom when you use the toilet?"

Child: "Umh, no, well..."

Me: "You are how old? 10, right? Can't you wait until I am finished? Unless you want to smell something stinky? Do ya? Do you really want too smell this?"

Child: "I don't care Mommy, I just need to ask you a question."

Me: "OMG, well I care, go away, leave me alone. Let me wipe in peace"

Child: "Ok Mommy, but can I tell you since I am here?"

Me: "Oh good Lord, go ahead, you are standing right here, tell me." Rolls eyes and thinks to self: Please, Please let me crap in peace; just for once.

Child: "Bells (not real name of course)yelled at me; she is being mean"

Me: "Did you really have to come to me with this NOW? Come on, that is nothing I need hear right now. Are you bleeding? Are you dieing? Did you break something? No? Well then go the "freak" away!

I know, I know, how horrible a parent I am telling my kids to go away; but really, I am on the can wait!

Now, I realize bathroom chat/talk is not for everyone, but it is part of life. When I go to the bathroom I expect to be able to get my business done and get out. I don't want to "smell" it any longer than I have too. Whoever said you like the "smell" of your own was sadly mistaken. Okay, so I know that wasn't necessary, but still makes me chuckle. ;)


Demon23... said...

My worst experience was not in the bathroom it was in the bedroom at 11 at night... kids are suppose to be sleeping. Anyways, me and my "other half" were "wrestling" and we heard from the door to our horror

"What are you guys doing?" shock and horror filled me. Me and my woman just froze like a deer w/headlights.

the only thing I could murmur is "Wrestling"

my woman was on top of me, covered thank god... before we could even move.... the little 5 year old said "can I join" and jumps on his momma's back... We did not "wrestle" for a few weeks after... too much trauma!

I had to top to the toilet post.

Laura said...

I have one of "those" moments too. The toilet one came to mind first because it happens just about everyday.

Oh and I HATE you now...ROFLMAO. Trying to out do me....are you sure you aren't my husband? ;)

~Jennifer said...

Too funny, and so unfortunately, TOO true! Thanks for stopping by my site earlier.

Demon23... said...

Dude! I found your blog through blogmad! aint that kick ass :D

kittenpower said...

I think bathroom and bedroom privacy is lovely. Perhaps that's part of the reason I'm not longing for the children just yet?

I guess losing some of the privacy just comes with the kid territory...

Laura, I would have told her to go away too. A 10 year old--I think that's fine to say to her.

Laura said...

Demon--awesome, thanks for telling me!

Kitten-so right, I totally understand. Even though I know I am not "evil" to my kids, sometimes it does sound a bit harsh. Oh well, worse things were said to me growing up..LOL.

Jennifer--Thanks for stopping by!!

You guys are totally awesome! Oh gosh, I sound like a Valley Girl! Ok, I better stop now before I starting getting too "emooootiooonnal". ;)