Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What has been going on?

Well, lets see. I have been working on some court research as an IC (Independent contractor); which I think is a lot of fun. It is hard work, don't get me wrong, but still a lot of fun. I went too Georgia this past weekend and can I say WOW? It was just as cold as here, where I am, but I thought Atlanta; when the sun was setting, was beautiful. I know it is just a city like any other city in the US, but for me it isn't. I had never seen Atlanta; except in pictures, so this was a treat. We didn't get too stay "in" Atlanta; we were about 30-40 miles southwest of Atlanta. We (my husband and myself) had a lot of fun though. The kids spent time with my in-laws and from what I gathered had a wonderful weekend too. So, all around, it looks like everyone had a ton of fun.

I took somewhat of a break Monday as it was Presidents day and we were recuperating from the drive to and from Georgia. Tuesday it was back too business. I can't wait until the Spring/Summer time frame. I would love to go back down there and actually "visit" Atlanta. I think the kids would have a blast.

Have a great week everyone!