Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crazy gaming fun....

Quite a bit off topic to what I have been posting lately; a reference to my online gaming experiences. Sometimes I do feel that is a bit strange for a mother of 5 (over 8 years old each) children to be playing online games; but they are oh so much fun and they are good for those time when you just want to "get away from reality". My "drug" or "game" of choice; well really isn't just one game; but they are all similar.

It really started several years ago when I got tired of bitching at my husband because he was spending so much time on the computer playing online games. At the time it was Counter Strike 1.5 or 1.6. I got started with 1.6 and it has been all down hill from there. I figured if I wanted to have fun with him, then maybe I needed to try this "gaming" he loves so much. It became a slow addiction for me. My children were still small and they were definitely more important than gaming. It is amazing what happens when your children start school. A whole new world opened up. We moved on from CS 1.6 to CS:Source.

Had our own clan and kept things going for a bit; but I was getting bored. My husband started to play Battlefield 2, an EA game.

I honestly never thought I would play BF2. I tried once and absolutely hated the game. Counter Strike is so easy in respect to BF2. BF2 not only takes teamwork, but you have to pay attention to more than one item/person at a time. It has a totally different feel than Counter Strike and can be difficult to explain. You just need to experience it. I managed to get into BF2 when EA/DICE came out with a new patch that wreaked all kinds of havoc of the fun of playing. Servers were crashing for no reason; you would be in the middle of an awesome round and lose your points. There were horrible glitches; then BF2142 came out.

That is Battlefield 2142 for those that don't know. Wow, so different. That became my focus for several months; as the game really hasn't been out that long. I ranked up fast, but at times, I get bored. So, my husband and myself; along with our clan mates at TBF (Team Battlefield) are now going back and forth between BF2 and BF2142. Check out the EA website for more games and here are some reviews on both. I know many of my clan mates are looking forward to the new Quake Wars coming out this year; if it ever does; we will see; we will see.


Demon23... said...

Being a god on the playing field is so much fun. Great way to hide thy face from the harsh cruel world. It is also better then TV.

Athomemom - you are just plain out rocking.

Athomemom25 said...

Thanks demon. So are you, so are you!!!!